Access Control
Door Entry Systems

2 - Access Control and Door Entry Systems

Whether you need controlled access through one single entrance or maybe several hundred doors, our team is perfectly placed to assist you in the perfect solution, including computer-controlled staff monitoring systems, no matter what size system you require.

Our Audio and Video Access Control and Intercom Systems can be operated remotely, either on your site or from anywhere in the world with mobile video call options, so if you don’t have someone to man your gate, you can still maintain effective control.

The electronic access control systems we install provide building management for personnel, visitors and contractors, so you have no unwanted people entering your building. Your system will give you complete control over who goes where and when, providing total accountability for your site. If your location poses a potential moderate risk, your systems can be linked to a camera system to keep an area secure for you.

Should you wish to take your Access Control system to the next level, you can opt for a PC based system that can be operated from your desktop which provides simple administration and activity reporting.

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