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Our CCTV Systems can be used in both internal and external environments guarding property, staff and visitors in addition to protecting your business from potential theft and vandalism.

Our regional teams offer expert design and camera selection to ensure that when the moment arrives, it is captured on CCTV and can be used should you wish to prosecute.

The digital technology we use allows you quick access to your recorded images; there is no need to spend hours searching through video recordings to find a specific clip. Our range of systems can review particular areas covered on your premises and search this for you. Your system will simultaneously record even when using the high quality playback facility.

Our team of system designers can provide linked coverage of internal and external areas, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) of all vehicles entering or exiting the premises, wire free systems, covert cameras and even multi-site systems providing you total coverage from your PC or mobile device. View your system remotely via your PC, iPhone or Android device via a free to download App so if, for example, you are working in London and live in Essex, you can rest assured that you can keep an eye on your assets from the comfort of your home or office.

If you have any questions regarding the products or services we offer please visit our contact page and fill out our enquiry form.

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The Covert camera is one of today’s most common piece of Covert surveillance equipment.

Covert cameras come both wired and wireless. The wired camera is the most difficult to install but offers the best solution for long term use and can be concealed in many household items. The wireless camera offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use although wireless cameras are often governed by battery life unless a mains supply can be used. This camera can be built into many items for concealment.

Our wireless cameras use the legal 2.4 GHz frequency and are CE approved. Wireless Covert cameras send a signal to a receiver which depending on the model can send video and audio to a recorder or PC. Hidden cameras may be used for household surveillance and may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras.

The proliferation and lower costs of video recording devices has led to an increase in the use of hidden cameras for legitimate surveillance need, as well as for entertainment and other purposes. The use of hidden cameras is generally permitted under UK law, if used in a legal manner and towards legitimate ends.

Individuals may use covert surveillance in their own home to Covert on others, in the workplace to monitor employees, outside of a domestic or commercial property for security purposes, and in most security situations where there is a just need to do so.

There are a number of laws under the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Acts that may impact on the use of hidden cameras. In any type of covert surveillance, footage should only be used for the purpose for which it has been taken, which must be a legitimate security reason. The person in possession of the footage is responsible for its use, and must only retain footage for as long as it is reasonably needed. It is not permitted to release footage to third parties except when there is a legal necessity. It is illegal under UK law to deploy covert cameras in areas where individuals would have an expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms, or plant a hidden camera in someone else’s home, or an area someone else owns.

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