The MultiBlaze range of Fire Extinguishers are the next generation of extinguishers designed to be: EASY AND SAFE TO USE, ECO-FRIENDLY, NO RISK OF EXPLOSION and MAINTENANCE FREE, NO ANNUAL INSPECTION REQUIRED.

The extinguishers have been developed to fight spontaneous fires with immediate effect; reducing the effect of damage and lives from being lost. The extinguishers have been designed so they use no propellants, aerosols or compressed air; unlike conventional extinguishers which also use harmful irritant substances. The MultiBlaze range use biodegradable ingredients so when they are used they can be disposed of in the household waste.

Due to their innovative design, intuitive safe handling and high performance they are suitable for multiple types of fire; the MultiBlaze 8.0 range can be used to extinguish -wood, paper, furniture, foam, petrol and electrical fires up to 1000 volts at one metre and the MultiBlaze 1.5F, 3.0F and 8.0F can be used on oil and fat fires.

The MultiBlaze range of Fire Extinguishers take the complexity and indecision as to what extinguisher should be used on what fire; we would encourage you to review the video(s) to see how effective the extinguishers are and why you should invest in the next generation of fire extinguishers.

The extinguishers are ideal for; home and gardens, commercial businesses, restaurants, mobile and static holiday homes, boats and motor vehicles. The MultiBlaze 8.0F is ideal for tradesmen who work with fire and hot materials.

Car Fire Extinguishers 
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Truck Fire Extinguishers
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Caravan Fire Extinguishers
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Boat Fire Extinguishers
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Office Fire Extinguishers
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Tradesman Fire Extinguishers
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Domestic Fire Extinguishers
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Kitchen Fire Extinguishers
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